Our Mission

Our mission is to directly connect farm to market without complexity.

We represent an effective model that streamlines the agricultural value chain and reduces inefficiencies in the sales and distribution of farm produce.







About Agrevo

Agrevo is an agric tech company on a mission to address the access to market challenge, militating the growth and development of one of the key sectors in Nigeria and many African countries.

We are creating a platform that will bring efficiency and effectiveness to the current supply chain management system across the value chain starting with Nigeria as pilot and spreading to other African countries in phases.   

The platform will provide a robust and transparent interplay of all stakeholders across the food value chain. The platform equally enables buyers(individuals and businesses) to conveniently buy their desired quantity and quality of produce at the best prices.

Our platform offers farmers the opportunity to access new markets and selling to an array of buyers – agri-businesses, manufacturers, retailers, restaurants, and end consumers, which will result in higher income and reduce wastage.

AGREVO will be absolutely responsible for the activities and modalities required to perform a sales-purchase transaction; we will facilitate the connection between sellers and buyers, quality assurance and management, logistics and order fulfilment, financial transactions, and other critical processes. All that is required of users (sellers and buyers) is that they come onboard and list/order their products, as the case may be.

The Agricultural Sector

The Agricultural sector is one of the few remaining sectors where ecommerce is yet to have a significant impact.

There are several reasons for this: the agri-supply chain is often controlled by well-entrenched intermediaries(middlemen); the logistical challenge of handling perishable products is complex; and most consumers still prefer to buy groceries in person rather than online, given the inconsistent physical appearance of fresh produce, especially fruit and vegetables.